Bison Bites 4-Flavor Variety Pack - MT grass-fed Roam Free Bison

Bison Bites 4-Flavor Variety Pack - MT grass-fed Roam Free Bison

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Roam Free Bison Bites - try this 4-flavor variety pack. Flavors include: Moroccan Heat, Thai Chili Ginger, Wood Fired Pizza, and Original.

Inspired by a traditional North African dish, Moroccan Heat is a bold combination of organic spices, finished with a touch of cayenne. Ingredients: 100% grass-fed bison, coconut aminos, organic chili powder, organic paprika, organic garlic powder, organic cayenne pepper, celery juice powder, organic cumin seed, organic caraway seed, organic coriander seed.

East meets West withThai Chili Ginger's unique combination of tender bison and exotic spices. Ingredients: 100% grass-fed bison, coconut aminos, chili garlic, sea salt, celery juice powder, organic ground pepper, organic cardamom, organic apple cider vinegar, organic fennel, organic ginger, organic clove, organic coriander, organic cinnamon, lime juice powder, organic anise extract, organic basil.

Flavored with organic herbs and spices,Wood Fired Pizza doesn't disappoint. Keto or Paleo-friendly. Sugar free and packed with 24G of protein per bag. Ingredients: 100% grass-fed bison, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt, organic fennel, organic oregano, organic basil, organic parsley, organic thyme, organic marjoram, organic celery flakes, organic garlic, organic onion, organic bell pepper, nutritional yeast, celery juice powder

By buying bison products you're helping to create a sustainable market. This in turn, allows bison ranchers to invest in growing their herds.

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